As an RWE-led project, Five Estuaries is using an innovative approach to supplier engagement, as the company looks to expand investment opportunities in renewable energy to a wider pool of UK businesses.

The offshore wind Supplier Transparency & Engagement Programme (STEP) is promoting engagement, visibility and understanding.

RWE has worked successfully with offshore wind suppliers both in the UK and internationally for over two decades. However, we recognise the opportunities and challenges that a rapidly growing market brings, requiring developers and higher tier suppliers to work ever closer with the broader supplier network.

Over time, our approach to supplier engagement has become more holistic as we strive to maximise the opportunities from our projects progressing through development. To that end, we created the Supplier Transparency & Engagement Programme (STEP) a more proactive approach to supplier engagement. STEP is our commitment to continuously improve supplier engagement.

We have implemented new practices, which include increased opportunities for dialogue with our supplier network. We promise to continuously ‘step up’ our efforts regarding our supplier engagement activities. 

This will enable a greater understanding of supplier capabilities, while also equipping businesses to work co-operatively with suppliers to help solve key industry and supply chain challenges.

As we move towards identifying our supply chain we are encouraging registrations on a dedicated Supplier Engagement Platform. Registering interest in Five Estuaries provides visibility of project activity and access guidance and support through the procurement process. 

As a first step towards Increasing transparency and awareness of project milestones and requirements is a key part of STEP. You can view our up to date programme on our Project Programme page.

Future STEP activities include supplier engagement days and one to one support from the RWE and Five Estuaries team. Registering on the Supplier Engagement Platform will keep you up to date with these opportunities. 


The RWE Offshore Wind Supplier Engagement Platform has been created to provide awareness of companies who are interested in working with us on our offshore wind projects in the UK, and Ireland.

You can now register your interest in the Five Estuaries project. Registering on this platform means: 

  • We can provide early, ongoing and proactive engagement across the supplier tiers
  • The Five Estuaries team can keep you up to date on the project progress and supply chain activities 
  • Direct access to the Five Estuaries and wider RWE team for support and guidance through the procurement process
  • Helps us to keep up to date on supplier capabilities, innovative solutions etc


The RWE procurement portal works alongside STEP to raise awareness of supplier opportunities.

This is used to promote live tenders and process tender applications. All potential suppliers must complete pre-qualification process on the RWE procurement portal. To ensure that you receive tender notifications you must also register on this portal.