Five Estuaries Stage 2 Consultation commenced on 14 March 2023 and closed on 12 May 2023.  

This was a statutory stage of consultation in accordance with the Planning Act 2008. During this time, we are consulting on our developed proposals for the Project and the initial findings of our Environmental Impact Assessment.  

Stage 2 is likely to be the last time the Project consults before submitting an application for a Development Consent Order later this year. As such, it is an important opportunity to have your say before we finalise our application.  


As per the Infrastructure Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017, the Project is an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) development. 

Our Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR) is the first main output of the EIA process and the largest document in this consultation. 

The PEIR sets out the current environmental baseline, and based on our initial assessments, the Project’s potential benefits and impacts, and our proposals to mitigate those impacts. The PEIR is a key part of the consultation. 

Five Estuareies Wind Farm Map 2023

The below interactive map has been created to help explore the proposed infrastructure which we are consulting on as part of Stage 2 consultation.


The documents that make up the statutory consultation are as below. 

  • The Consultation Booklet, which summarises the Project proposals, the potential benefits and impacts, the parts of the Project that feedback can and cannot alter or influence and the specific issues we are seeking feedback about;  
  • A Non-Technical Summary of the Preliminary Environmental Information Report;  
  • The Preliminary Environmental Information Report consisting of multiple documents;  
  • A short Guide to the Preliminary Environmental Information Report; and  
  • Supporting maps and plans relating to the Project. 

View all Stage 2 Consultation documents within our Document Library.

North Falls Offshore Wind Farm is the proposed extension to the operational Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm.

Five Estuaries and North Falls are both in the development stage and we are working closely with the North Falls Offshore Wind Farm project. The primary goal of this coordination is to reduce the potential impact of building the onshore connection to the national electricity transmission network for the two projects.  

You can find out more about the North Falls Offshore Wind Farm at


Contact us directly if you have any questions.